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My War Journals: Block Party Missions and Heat

As infantrymen, dealing with harsh conditions and learning to have mind over matter is an unspoken motto. The second day brought its difficulties, but as usual, we overcame the situations. The heat was unbearable; we all walked around with the sweat just flowing out of us as if we were a walking Niagara Falls.

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Hurry up and wait

n the Army, plans are always changing; One day you may be doing one thing, and the next day you can be getting ready to go to play with Eskimos in Alaska. This tour it has been comically on how many things have changed. Our Direct leadership is not to blame for the changes that occur on a daily basis, this is just the way a deployment goes; it is entirely out their pay rank.

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My War Journal: Under Cover of Night (Book)

We disembark the plane, and as soon as I hit the door. It is like walking into a windy furnace. I just put my head down and make my way to the bus that awaits us. We board the bus and head to Camp Buehring. We finally arrived at the camp, after what seems to be three hours of endless, bumpy roads. We got off the bus and made our way to the luggage located by our new home- 35-9.