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My War Journals: The Emotions of War (2006)

The mission, like usual, was straightforward: go out and search some abandoned buildings, as well as try to locate the terrorist caches. After being here for some time, every agonizing, uneventful patrol just seems to be the same. Ray and I, along with Sergeant Lawrence, had the monotonous task to comb the desert with the metal detector.

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My War Journals: Control Points and Kids

Seven hours later: As I lie in my bed with my knees pounding and my back screaming for aspirins, I take a glance at the swimsuit calendar hanging crooked on the dirty white wall, as if I put it up and scurried out of the door for another delightful day in the streets of Baghdad. The last date crossed out in black pen is Sept. 21. I instinctively curl myself into the fetal position on the bed; I look at my watch to see the date, and it is Sept. 25. I then fall quickly into a coma, periodically dreaming about the events that had taken place over the past days.ater: