Author: Sarge

Author of "My War Journals
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Hurry up and wait

n the Army, plans are always changing; One day you may be doing one thing, and the next day you can be getting ready to go to play with Eskimos in Alaska. This tour it has been comically on how many things have changed. Our Direct leadership is not to blame for the changes that occur on a daily basis, this is just the way a deployment goes; it is entirely out their pay rank.

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Operation Fly a kit: July 11, 2006 (Kuwait)

Preparing for combat entails the highest degree of attention to detail. Every day for the last two laborious weeks, Charlie Companies vehicle squads have relentlessly worked fervently to get the Stryker variants to combat ready. Having been on a vehicle squad previous tour for a while, I can fully appreciate the long hours and sleepless nights that come with the job.