Author: David B Hardt

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My War Journal: Snipers and unsung-heroes (August 06)

s they ran across the street, Specialist Pitcher fell in a deep hole and head-planted into the ground. Sergeant Lawrence, the Alpha team leader who was leading the way, came back into the street, grabbed Wally, and pulled him along — all this while under fire. It was now our turn. Sergeant Murillo gave us the count. “Ready on three, two …” We started running.

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My War Journals: Control Points and Kids

Seven hours later: As I lie in my bed with my knees pounding and my back screaming for aspirins, I take a glance at the swimsuit calendar hanging crooked on the dirty white wall, as if I put it up and scurried out of the door for another delightful day in the streets of Baghdad. The last date crossed out in black pen is Sept. 21. I instinctively curl myself into the fetal position on the bed; I look at my watch to see the date, and it is Sept. 25. I then fall quickly into a coma, periodically dreaming about the events that had taken place over the past days.ater: