Mize Medal of Honor: Sgt Mize

On June 10, 1953 Sgt. Mize and his men of Co. K, 15th IR, 3rd IR, were committed to the defense of “Outpost Harry” (Korea), when the enemy launched a heavy attack. Learning that a comrade on a friendly listening post had been wounded, he moved through the intense barrage of enemy fire and rescued the wounded soldier.

On returning to the main position, he inflicted heavy casualties against attacks from determined enemy assault forces which had penetrated into the outpost area.

During his fearless actions. he was blown down by artillery and grenade blasts 3 times, but each time he returned to his position, tenaciously fighting and successfully repelling hostile attacks.

When enemy onslaughts ceased, he took his few men and moved from bunker to bunker, firing through apertures and throwing grenades at the foe, neutralizing their positions.

When an enemy soldier stepped out behind a comrade, prepared to fire, Sgt. Mize killed him, saving the life of his fellow soldier.

After rejoining the platoon,he observed a friendly machine gun position being overrun. He immediately fought his way to the position, killing 10 enemy soldiers and dispersing the remainder.

Fighting back to the command post, and finding several friendly wounded there, he took a position to protect them.

Later, securing a radio, he directed friendly artillery fire upon the attacking enemy’s routes of approach. At dawn, he helped regroup for a counterattack which successfully drove the enemy from the outpost.

Mize was one of only eight Americans of the original 56 to survive the attack on the outpost.
For his actions, leadership and bravery, Sgt. Mize was awarded the Medal of Honor and promoted to Msgt. Initially, he refused the Medal, but eventually accepted it on behalf of his men.

After the Korean War, Msgt. Mize joined the Special Forces, where he gained a commission and served three tours in Vietnam.

In 1965, he was assigned to the Special Forces Training Group, where he was the Advanced Training Committee chief for SCUBA, HALO, and the SKY HOOK schools.

He retired in 1981 as a colonel and lived till the age of 82.

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