Honor and Valor : LCpl Huth

USMC Lance Corporal Edward S. Huth swapped his M240B from one shoulder to the other after being shot in the arm, and continued firing.

As casualties mounted, he repeatedly left the casualty collection point to recover Marines as they were hit, and bring them to the medevac choppers. LCpl Huth was initially awarded a Bronze Star with “V” for his unselfish heroism.

In January 2017, Huth’s medal was upgraded to the Silver Star.

“…in action against the enemy on 27 July 2010 while serving as a Machine Gunner with Company E, Second Battalion, Sixth Marines, Regimental Combat Team 1, FIRST Marine Division in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. When his combined squad patrol came under effective enemy fire in Marjah, Lance Corporal Huth immediately provided effective suppressive fire on the enemy position with his M240B medium machine gun.

After receiving a gunshot wound to his right arm, he moved his machine gun to his left arm, and continued to engage the enemy with accurate fire even as he received medical treatment for his wound.

After being moved back to a casualty evacuation site, Lance Corporal Huth witnessed another Marine fall wounded about 100 meters from his location. Without hesitation he crossed the exposed terrain, and under enemy fire assisted in moving the wounded Marine to the evacuation site.

As Lance Corporal Huth and another Marine were moving that casualty to the medevac aircraft, the other Marine was shot and dropped to the ground.

Lance Corporal Huth alone carried the first casualty to the aircraft, and then returned across the open area to assist the second casualty to the aircraft. Only when all wounded were loaded did Lance Corporal Huth himself climb aboard”