Does Jussie Smollet have Mental Health Issues?

The news on this #JussieSmollet event is outrageous. Okay, the brother has ruined his life and career. This guy was a gay icon in the gay community. Now what? Will his work be devalued over an alleged mental breakdown?

However, don’t we all get our time in court? This is America, right?

Just last week he was the face of racism and gay violence. All these news people need to apologize to everyone for being apart of his alleged stunt or do they?.

I mean even our racist and homophobic president got involved in this story. Someone on his staff probably said it will help his gay and black demographic for the 2020 presidential race.

Seriously, do we not see the problem this will make with gay progress and equality. The voices in the gay community have a choice. They can rebuke this man or help him. I hope they help him and treat him with love even though he has put the gay community discrimination issues at a higher level of attention. The black community will do what they do and he knows it won’t be pretty, but they will eventually forgive and love this brother, as they should.

I can’t even imagine if this were my son how disgusted and disappointed I would be. However, I wouldn’t let others devalue his life or his message. I would be the first out telling everyone to wait till his day in court. Isn’t that how our country is set up. He is an American citizen he and deserves time in court.

The fact that is this young African American brother wasn’t paid in his mind adequately on the hit television show he starred in called Empire is a question we all should look at. Should he have been paid more? He is talented and has never had problems in the past, that we know about. How many understand being devalued in the workplace. I know there is still no excuse for these allegations.

Let’s focus on how many gay stars are devalued.

Anyway, I understand he was allegedly wrong, but let’s not forget his primary concern.

Hate crimes will now be looked at like fake news. 
The news will no longer acknowledge them or accept accounts. This could have set our country back years.

Our country is way better. The news people should be held accountable for leading us through this mess.

Thousands of hours of police work and sacrifice and here we are looking at or countrymen that are homophobic rising up and feeling more enthusiastic to bring shame to my friends.

One man’s alleged mistake has now become the call to everyone who is hateful to jump further into the discourse of this matter.

Watch this young man will probably want to commit suicide or do something else. Why over Money!

We must forgive but learn from this how powerful our news network can be to tell us how to feel and who to care for.

How many kids have died in Chicago of gunfire? Where is the news? Where is outrage? Let’s talk about that.