Cambly Review: How to earn $500.00 or More a Week on Cambly.

“Cambly Platfom is perfect for veterans that stay at home and enjoy talking to people. Also, if you need to catch up on some bills. They pay on time weekly. I average roughly $550.00 a month and I love it.” pays you per minute basis and payment method is so quick and easy. In the Review, I’ll cover signing up the process, the requirements, How does tutoring work, How much & how are you paid and others.

Creative Cambly Review

What Is is an online tutoring platform where you can find, they connect English learners in more than 130 countries with native speakers. They offer an income opportunity for people who want to help others learn their native English language. They offer tutoring services 24/7.

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What Is The Equipment/Computer Tutor Requirements?

  1. Have a windows Computer with the latest updates
  2. Must have a better webcam.
  3. Must have Internet at least 1.0mbps upload and download speeds.
  4. Have 4.0 GB of RAM  or greater.
  5. Have a High-quality microphone
  6. Have a most supported browser as like as: ChromeMozillaExplorerSafari etc.  

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What Are Cambly Tutor Requirements?

  1. Have a native English speaker
  2. Have a Skype account
  3. Must have the ability to video chat capabilities
  4. Have a Facebook account for sign-up

How Does Cambly Tutoring Work?

When you are signed on the site after you have created your account completely. Then you can see, the tutoring dashboard will ring when a student is looking for a tutor. If you are ready for teaching, you can begin working. When you talk to a student, you get paid to speak conversationally with the student and provide any help that is needed by the student. If you are a native English speaker, this should be pretty easy.

Please remember that you will get paid per minute you tutored through the conversation.

How Much Does Cambly Pay? pays you on per minute basis and when you chat or teach your time automatically track. They pay you $0.17 per minute(So, which comes to $10.20 an hour). Mind it, this rate is only paid you when you are tutoring.

How Are You Paid? pays you in your via PayPal account. You can withdraw your earnings every Monday. You just need to earn a minimum amount of $20 to be able to cash out.

What’s Your Schedule Like?

It’s good news for you, has no requirement for how much or when you work. So, you can work here with your flexible schedule. They offer English language tutoring service 24/7. There is enough work to keep you busy all the time.

What Is The Sign-Up Process Step By Step?

Signing up process is very simple and straightforward. To go website and click sign up button. I discuss now sign up process step by step.

1st step:

Firstly you will need to test your internet speed to make sure it is at least 1.0mbps upload and download speeds.

2nd step:

Next, you will make a short video record for the team. Where just you introduce yourself, say why you want to work for Cambly, talk about why you are fit for the job etc. Don’t nervous about that video. Mind it, you are a beginner, so doesn’t have to be professional.

3rd Step:

Next, you need to complete your profile. Where you put your profession, tutoring style, lessons you are qualified to teach, certificates you hold etc.

Final Step:

When your profile completely ok then finally you submit your application. Next, you need to just wait to hear back.

How Can You Apply?

If you are interested and able to do work, visit their website and apply to start now! I suggest you is a great online Virtual Tutor Website, you can work as become a tutor with   

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