Mass Shooter Marine Veteran: Ian David Long



The Borderline Bar & Grill shooting is a developing story and details will be updated. The places change, the numbers change, but the choice of weapon remains the same. In the United States, people who want to kill a lot of other people most often do it with guns. Public mass shootings account for a tiny fraction of the country’s gun deaths, but they are uniquely terrifying because they occur without warning in the most mundane places. Most of the victims are chosen not for what they have done but simply for where they happen to be.


There is no universally accepted definition of a public mass shooting, and this piece defines it narrowly. It looks at the 158 shootings in which four or more people were killed by a lone shooter (two shooters in a few cases). It does not include shootings tied to gang disputes or robberies that went awry, and it does not include domestic shootings that took place exclusively in private homes. A broader definition would yield much higher numbers.

This tally begins Aug. 1, 1966, when a student sniper fired down on passersby from the observation deck of a clock tower at the University of Texas. By the time police killed him, 17 other people were dead or dying. As Texas Monthly’s Pamela Colloff wrote, the shooting “ushered in the notion that any group of people, anywhere — even walking around a university campus on a summer day — could be killed at random by a stranger.”


1,135 killed 

The people who were killed came from nearly every imaginable race, religion and socioeconomic background. Their ages range from the unborn to the elderly; 185 were children and teenagers. In addition, thousands of survivors were left with devastating injuries, shattered families and psychological scars.

What we know.


Ian David Long, a 28-year-old former United States Marine, has been identified as the suspect in the Borderline Bar & Grill mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, California, that left 13 people dead.

According to authorities, Long — who reportedly drove his mother’s car to the scene — entered the Borderline Bar and Grill around 11:20 p.m. PST on Wednesday, November 7, and deployed a smoke bomb before he began open firing with a legally purchased .45 caliber handgun.

Police say that the murder weapon, a legally purchased Glock 21 .45 caliber handgun, was bought by Long in 2016.

At this time, while Long’s motive for the shooting remains unknown, it is understood that he suffered from PTSD.

Ian David Long Ethnicity & Nationality: What Is The Borderline Bar Mass Shooter’s Heritage?

At this time, Long’s ethnicity is unknown.

The only information currently known about Long is that he was a 28-year-old Marine that was living in Newbury Park, California, and legally purchased the murder weapon — a Glock 21 .45 caliber handgun — in 2016. Long served in the United States Marines for four years as a machine gunner before joining the Army Reserves.

Additionally, Long was reportedly known by police due to multiple past incidents. Sheriff Geoff Dean says that police were aware of Long due to past mental health issues, traffic infractions, and as a victim in a bar fight.

Police say that Long met with a crisis counselor last April, who decided that he didn’t need intervention under the 5150 law.