Hurry up and wait

IMG_0202In the Army, plans are always changing; One day you may be doing one thing, and the next day you can be getting ready to go to play with Eskimos in Alaska. This tour has been comically on how many things have changed. Our Direct leadership is not to blame for the changes that occur on a daily basis, this is just the way a deployment goes; it is entirely out their pay rank.

The most comical change of plans occurred this week, as we patiently awaited the word to leave for Iraq.

“OK men get your gear together your leaving for Iraq in 30 minutes,” First Sergeant Ward said with an urgent voice.

Immediately, everyone in the tent started getting their gear together, breaking down their beds, stacked the duffle bags and assault bags by the door, and awaited the truck to arrive so we could load and go. My squad leader, Staff Sergeant Pearson a day earlier hinted to us to get our stuff together, just in case this would occur. I did not have much to do except gather loose ends and pack extra radio gear, so I was done rather quickly. 

The whole platoon and some attachments made way to the 1-14 Cav manifest holding area. I gathered all my gear and started out the door. The walk, or shall I say the comical stumble down to the tent was rough. Wearing about 100 plus pounds of gear can wreak havoc on your body.



After 20 minutes, I finally made to my tent. I walked in and dumped all my gear. I slumped down, whipped my face, and started drinking some sweet hot bottle water. Sergeant First Class Evans Came over, “Hardt it looks as if you took a full shower, while fully dressed.”

Just as I was just getting comfortable, the First Sergeant Ward came straggling in looking like someone just shot his dog.

“OK men here’s the deal. There’s been a change, we are not leaving on the bird yet, so gather your gear and make your way back to the tent, and await my next instructions.”

A look of disbelief showered the room. I gathered up my gear and made my way back to the tent. I finally started to fall asleep when I heard what sounded like the First Sergeant saying “Men gather up your stuff there’s been another change of plans.”


I thought it was a joke. Not so lucky. I gathered up my gear and made the trek through the desert again, back to the manifest area. I dropped my gear, and I was just about to sit down when the First Sergeant Ward came in the door. I knew by the look on his face what was next. “Guys it changed again, I am sorry about this,” he said. I just shook my head, took a deep breath, and grabbed my gear back to the tent.

A day later, boarded the C1-30 for Baghdad. Having been in Kuwait for so long, I am relieved to leave and start the journey.