American’s Longest War: October 7, 2001

The war in Afghanistan began on Oct. 7, 2001.

Today, America’s longest war enters its 17th year.

Please take a moment to acknowledge the troops who have served, suffered and died.

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  1. This was news once … if you can’t win, why stay?

    A wise man knows when to draw the line—or is it one of those ‘face-save’ things?
    Sheer inertia?
    A realistic training ground for troops?
    Votes for the politicians at home?

    Nobody likes to admit a mistake—but if you can’t ‘win’ there, you’ve goofed. If you stay there, you continue to goof. Not good.

    So some will bleat about wasting the sacrifices made already … easy answer, draft them and send them over to win in place of the guys there now. Win/win all round, no?


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