Protalus Inserts: Wounded Warrior Approved

People are drawn to Protalus because we are a symbol of change. By focusing on the cause of the problem, rather than the symptoms alone, we are creating a physical experience in which you can perform and feel better throughout your life. Our insoles are designed to help your body maintain a neutral ankle joint position, while still allowing full ranges of healthy movement. Use our exclusive code and start get back on your feet.
The science
Because Alignment Matters
Your ankle acts as the foundation of your entire kinetic chain, directly influencing the mechanics of your body. Unnatural foot posture generates a cascade of misalignment, forcing each joint to make small but significant changes to accommodate this abnormal positioning. Proper foot-alignment reduces stress and strain on the ankles, knees, hips, and back, maximizing the body’s potential.
Change is optional, innovation is inevitable.
Every day people in pain seek a solution for more comfort, but how many have their lives changed as a result? We’re not here to be a part of the search. We exist to be a real solution. So we challenge you to Align Yourself. You can feel confident knowing that as your pain improves, our technology will also. Inspired by you, we step boldly into the future of footwear. Change is optional, innovation is inevitable.
90% of the population suffers

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Protalus is the developer and manufacturer of a new insole technology that helps correct over pronation — also known as flat feet (rolling-in of the ankle) — and over supination — also known as high arch (rolling-out of the ankle) — which together are a problem that affect 90 percent of the population; even those who are fit and physically active. Over pronation is not a household term, but it’s a condition that inhibits physical performance and causes pain and fatigue from the foot to the hip. Protalus’s insoles were developed by a talented group that, combined, boast more than 100 years of experience in footwear and orthotics design, physical therapy and biomechanics.
What’s in your shoe?
In the past year Protalus has helped change more than 200,000 people’s lives with our insoles and have established a following of more than 250,000 believers on Facebook, where many of whom have shared their life-changing experiences. We’re not here to fix you; rather, we bring more comfort into your life. What’s in your shoe?

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