My War Journals: April 16, 2006 Pre Deployment Family Picnic

pic1-2Before we deployed to Iraq on our second deployment, our last deployment was from 2003-2004, our leadership felt it was important that we have a family picnic. This was important for company morale and it would help many of our spouses to get to know each other better and get updated phone numbers and address that may have been overlooked on the soldier deployment roster. This deployment would be 15-months and every soldier understood from experiences the stresses that deployments have on families. The event really brought everyone together for a very special and memorable day. One thing that stuck out was that every game of softball was competitive.

Authors notes: This journal post unlike the many that will come will have been written in-time. I noted this event in my Journal, however, this event was not published in my weekly column in the Fort Lewis Ranger.

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